Selection from the participant’s testimonials:

Head of Derivatives, Commercial Bank from Poland:

"Let me to tell you that your Applications Workshop for the Financial Derivatives was one of the most exciting seminars I have ever participated in."

On-Site Supervisor, Croatian National Bank:

"Thank you indeed for such a useful introduction into the questions of Liquidity Risk Management."

Dealer, Commercial Bank from Croatia:

"I have already participated in many seminars and trainings dealing with financial matters and on the basis of all these previous experiences I would like to send my written praise to MONECO Company, which was excellent and offered us excellent service. I respect your academic experience and professionalism in finance."

Head of Treasury Division, Major Commercial Bank in Russia:

"Excellent, indeed."

Structurer, Commercial Bank from Germany:

"The whole seminar concerning the Hybrid & Structured Products was very comprehensive and professional – exactly what I was looking for."

Deputy Manager of Corporate Banking Division, Commercial Bank from Lithuania:

"Perfectly mastered - the lecturer really knows how to explain what is going on. Thanks."

Senior Controller, Commercial Bank from Sweden:

"Congratulations, you have grown up to be an international specialist in financial business. Don’t stop, keep on going!"

Head of Asset Management Department, Commercial Bank from Denmark:

"I was impressed not only by Prague and the services which you offered us during the seminars, as precise presentation materials and well-communicated information, but the quality of your seminars as well as the knowledge of your lecture was really impressionable too."

Financial Risk Manager, National Bank of Poland:

"Thanks for the support that you personally provided us when we needed it."

Development Director, Stock Market from Estonia:

"Very interesting topics, well structured, demonstrative, useful and up to date information."

Financial Market Expert, Commercial Bank from Austria:

"The flexibility, along with the quality of the seminars, is what makes your company and your offer so appealing."

Trader, Commercial Bank from Hungary:

"I am very satisfied, especially with the quality of the seminars."

Structurer, Commercial Bank from Italy:

"It is widely recognized that your seminars are very good and sold at acceptable prices. I will recommend you to all my colleagues."

Corporate Dealer, Commercial Bank from Denmark:

"The mixture of an interesting and useful course, of the very professional lecturer and of the city of Prague was more than pleasant experience!"

Expert, Supervision Department, National Bank of Italy:

"I would never believe that anybody in Prague could offer such brilliant trainings. Over 2 days attending the course I have learn how to apply many theoretical things in a practice. Thank you very much, guys!"

Analyst, Insurance Company from Finland:

"Soren (the lecturer) is really good speaker and he has both practical and theoretical knowledge."

Risk Manager, Commercial Bank from Norway:

"Very nice facilities; also a great advantage that the course had only limited amount of participants, which enables collective interaction and networking."

ALM Director, Commercial Bank from Ukraine:

"The best Asset-Liability Management course I could only imagine! Thank you very much."

Head of Treasury Department, Commercial Bank from Czech Republic:

"During many years attested and confirmed again: first-class professional financial training programme."

Risk Manager, Commercial Bank from Slovakia:

"There is nothing to say if you can learn in an excellent training everything you needed to know about the subject. Thank you!"

Member of the Board, Asset Management Company from Slovenia:

"Finally some concrete examples and formulas and not only the theory…"

Portfolio Manager, Investment Management Company from Denmark:

"It is great to get so many practical examples, which enhance understanding of the theory."

Managing Director of Supervision Division, Central Bank of Malaysia:

"Great references from some European national banks, experienced lecturer and interesting course programme - these were the major factors bringing me to Prague."

Team Executive, Supervision Department, Central Bank of Thailand:

"The course helped me to understand better things that I have already been working with."

Trading manager, Commercial Bank from Canada:

"The seminar programme was so interesting and sophisticated that the long way to Prague was really worth it. Congratulations to all! And thank you!"

Financial Markets Analyst, Commercial Bank from Slovenia:

"In the last few years is this course the only one, which covers topics, which are very useful also for analysts, not only for traders, sales… I hope in the future will be more courses such as this one. Excellent!"

Executive Director, Investment company from Romania:

"Very interesting course; very knowledgeable and prepared instructor. I will definitely recommend the course to other people. In the future I will return to MONECO seminars as there are many topics in the programme which are in my area of interest."