MONECO Financial Training brings you the skills, tools and inspiration to succeed in today’s highly competitive financial markets. Seminars are offered at all seniority levels - from introductory courses for the novice financial professional to advanced workshops for those with a lot of experience and/or technical backgrounds.

The training is always precisely thematically focused. The programmes have been designed in a way that they cover specific problems in full scale as well as in the necessary detail.

Great care is taken to ensure that seminars at all levels are practical so that participant can immediately benefit from what they have learnt. Each seminar is filled with extensive practical sessions and Workshops.

Each seminar is co-supervised from beginning to the end by a supervisor that is responsible for securing the coherency of the course run and the consistency of the subjects discussed.

All seminars are held in English language. The unique, intensive training contains a well blended mix of theory, practical exercises and workshops, realistic case studies, and intensive group discussions.