Corporate Banking: Client Relationship Management

2 days
Prague, NH Hotel Prague
  • Role of the Client Relationship Manager
  • Understanding your Client
  • Exploring Client Needs
  • Questioning and Listening Role Plays
  • Building the Relationship
  • Negotiation Skills and Challenging Clients
This is a practical two- day course specifically designed for bankers and finance professionals to refresh existing and develop new skills in professional relationship management. The course has been specifically designed with two key elements in mind. The course content will empower participants with successful relationship skills, fine-tune effective communication techniques and enable you to develop a greater awareness of your clients' business and service expectations. An interactive learning environment through the use of relevant exercises and role-plays will enable you to share everyday experiences and challenges in managing client relationships in a pro-active environment.

Course Methodology

Working within the framework of proven international CRM techniques, the course is specifically designed to encourage group participation through the use of relevant exercises, role-plays and group discussions. Furthermore, participants will be able to incorporate everyday experiences and challenges in managing their client relationships. The trainer will also be available to provide individual and group feedback throughout the course.

Session 1: Introduction

  • Basic golden rules
  • Common misconceptions
  • Introductions

Session 2: The Role of the Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

  • CRM in general
  • The CRM’s perspective
  • The client’s perspective
  • Dealing with success & disappointment

Session 3: Understanding your Client:

  • Who is your client?
  • Exercise 1 – preparing a marketing target list
  • New versus existing clients
  • Client selection - who needs who?
  • Who do you not want as a client?
  • Client behavioural types
  • Segmentation & Profiling
  • Exercise 2 - segmentation and marketing exercise

Session 4: Building the Relationship

  • Setting strategic objectives for the relationship

Session 5: Questioning and Listening

  • Exercise 3 – questioning & listening role plays
  • Your agenda – the CRM
  • The client’s agenda
  • Effective listening
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Confirmation & repetition
  • Agreement
  • Open questions
  • Presentation skills techniques

Session 6: Exploring Client Needs

  • Every client is unique
  • Client needs

Session 7: Client Strategy

  • Exercise 4 - Selling role plays
  • Understanding your client’s business
  • How & where to research your client
  • Exercise 5 – Considering the value of annual report & accounts to the CRM
  • Identifying relationship and transaction driven clients
  • Client acquisition versus retention
  • What can go wrong?

Day Two

Session 8: Making an Appointment

  • General considerations
  • Planning the initial call
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Getting to the decision maker
  • Objection handling

Session 9: The Meeting

  • Planning an effective meeting
  • The do’s and don’ts of meetings
  • Exercise 6 – Presentation role plays
  • Explaining products & services
  • Differentiation
  • Positioning
  • Linking features to benefits.
  • Closing the deal
  • Cross selling opportunities
  • Exercise 6 – Cross selling role

Session 10: Challenging Clients

  • The “problem” client
  • Overcoming client resistance
  • Gaining commitment

Session 11: Negotiation Skills

  • Negotiation versus selling
  • Planning the negotiation
  • Negotiating successfully
  • Negotiation styles
  • Exercise 7 – Consider the features popular and less popular products
  • Exercise 8 – role plays based on above

Session 12: Negotiation Skills

  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Monitoring delegated activities
  • Time out sessions
  • Internal records

Session 13: “Ten Step” Lists

  • Ten sales mistakes
  • Ten ways to improve selling
  • Ten ways to become a master salesman
  • Ten characteristics of winners
  • Ten tips for sales success

Session 14: Technology & CRM

  • Expert systems

Evaluation and Termination of the Course

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