ESG Criteria in Real Estate

Challenges and Opportunities

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Attend this intensive 1-day training program and learn:

How ESG factors affect the market for real estate
How institutional financers and investors consider ESG
Emerging approaches to the valuation of real estate in the context of ESG issues
Limitations and constraints to the valuation process
Course Description:
The last five years have seen environment, social and governance (ESG) issues move away from niche or philanthropic initiatives on the part of stakeholders towards core investment goals. Originally considered as a tool to appraise the behaviour of companies, the role of ESG issues in real estate is now beginning to be recognised, particularly given that the longer-term perspective of investment property means that this asset class is likely to be more at risk from such factors, factors not limited to financial performance, but have wider societal implications as well.

How these issues translate into maintaining and creating value is emerging as a paramount concern to the industry.

This one-day course will introduce ESG’s main themes and how they relate to the built environment together with their impact on the role of the valuer. Furthermore, it will look at the views of various stakeholders including developers, financing institutions and investors. The main rating certifications will be covered in addition to their uses and constraints.

This course will be of interest to real estate professionals, in particular valuers, but finance and investment professionals will also benefit.

Each session comprises classroom teaching combined with interactive group exercises and discussions, often accompanied by a case study.

Program of the seminar: ESG Criteria in Real Estate

The seminar timetable follows Central European Time (CET).

09.00 - 09.15 Welcome and Introduction

09.15 - 12.30

Section 1: Introduction to ESG

  • Evolution of the concept
  • Demystifying the jargon: Environmental, Social and Governance factors
  • Defining the different methodologies of ESG investing
  • Market drivers

Section 2: Measuring the effects of ESG factors

  • Sources of data
  • Limitations of data
  • Qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Identifying and understanding challenges

12.15 - 13.15 Lunch break

13.15 - 17.00

Section 3: Incorporating ESG factors into valuation

  • The valuation process
  • ESG-specific valuation issues
  • Barriers to incorporating ESG in real estate valuation
  • Real estate finance – how banks consider ESG issues
  • Critiquing valuation standards

Section 4: ESG in Real Estate Investment Portfolios

  • Reflecting sustainability in investment decision-making
  • ESG’s importance in property portfolio allocation
  • How ESG issues affect asset risk and return
  • Management approaches to real estate-focussed portfolios

Conclusion of the Seminar

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