Complete list of our seminars (in alphabetical order)

Title Duration
Advanced Corporate Finance Update 1
Advanced Corporate Valuation 2
Advanced Corporate Valuation Workshop 2
Advanced Credit Risk Modelling and Management 2
Advanced Currency Options 2
Advanced Excel™ Workshop 1 - Yield Curve Estimation and Principal Components Analysis 2
Advanced Excel™ Workshop 2 - Monte Carlo Simulations, Value-at-Risk and Option Pricing 2
Advanced Financial Mathematics Workshop 2
Advanced Fixed Income Products: Convertibles, Inflation-Linked and Option-Embedded Bonds 2
Advanced Interest Rate Models and their Practical Applications 2
Advanced IRB Approach - Maintaining Models, Validation and Re-calibration 2
Advanced IRB Approach - Scorecard Development, PD, LGD and EAD Modelling 3
Advanced IRB Modelling 2
Advanced Operational Risk Workshop 2
Advanced Solvency II Workshop 2
Advanced Structured Products - Volatility and Multi-Underlying Structures 1
Advanced Swaps - Pricing, Trading and Risk Management 2
Advanced Trade Finance 3
Advanced Value-at-Risk 3
Alternative Investments: from Alpha-Rich Portfolios to Adaptive Risk Overlays 2
Analysis of High-Yield Bonds from Investment Management Perspective 1
Asset Securitization - ABS, CDOs and CBOs 2
Asset Securitization - Structures and Risk Management in the Current Regulatory Environment 2
Bank Asset-Liability Management 6 half-days
Bank Capital Management - Economic Capital, Funds Transfer Pricing and RAROC 3
Basel II - Executive Overview 1
Basel II - Measuring and Managing Credit Risk under the Enhanced Framework 2
Basel III - Executive Overview 1
Basel III Workshop - Framework, Implementation and Risk Management Implications 3
BCBS 239 Compliance - Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting Framework 2
Behavioural Finance - Market Impact and Investment Applications 2
Best Practice in Operational Risk Management with Dr. Ariane Chapelle 2
Big Data in Financial Research and Risk Management 0
Black-Litterman Asset Allocation Workshop 2
Bond Analysis 3
Bond Analysis - Level I 2
Bond Analysis - Level II 3
Bracing for Impact of IFRS 9: Impairment Principles, ECL Framework and Requirements 2
Cash Management - Methodologies and Strategies 1
Central Bank Digital Currencies - Technology, Opportunities and Consequences 1
Central Counterparty Clearing 2
CFA® Level I Crash Course 3
CFA® Level II Crash Course 3
CFA® Level III Crash Course 3
Climate and ESG Risk Management 2
Collateral Management - New Regulations, Operational Challenges and Collateral Optimisation 2
Commercial Real Estate Finance 2
Commercial Real Estate Valuation 2
Commodities and Commodity Markets - Trading, Investing and Risk Management 3
Commodity and Energy Markets - Trading, Derivatives and Risk Management 3
Competitive Strategies for Treasury Sales - Exercise and Role-playing Workshop 3
Compliance for Banks - Regulatory Structure, Rules and Requirements 3
Comprehensive Securities Operations 3
Corporate Banking: Client Relationship Management 2
Corporate Banking: Products, Strategies and Trends 3
Corporate Bonds - Analysis, Valuation and Portfolio Management 2
Corporate Credit Rating Systems: Design, Development, Calibration and Validation 2
Corporate Credit Risk - Analysis, Modelling, Mitigation and Control 2
Corporate Strategic Management 3
Corporate Treasury Management 3
Corporate Valuation 3
Correlation and other Dependency Concepts 2
Counterparty Credit Risk 2
Country Risk Analysis and Management: Assessing and Managing Sovereign Default & Country ESG Risks 2
Credit and Counterparty Risk Management 3
Credit Derivatives, Synthetic Securitization and Hybrids 2
Credit Derivatives: Mechanics, Analysis, Applications and Risk Management 2
Credit Portfolio Management 2
Credit Risk Management: Key Concepts and Current Developments 3
Credit Scoring with R 3
Cyber Security and the Digital Operational Resilience Act 0
Data Mining Techniques and Practical Use in Banking 0
Debt Finance, Valuation of Distressed Debt and Restructuring 2
Digital Banking: FinTech Innovations, Digital Transition and Mobile Money 2
Economic Capital Allocation Workshop 2
Economic Capital, Fund Transfer Pricing and RAROC 2
Economic Indicators and their Impacts on Financial Markets 2
Enterprise Risk Management 2
Equity Analysis and Investments Strategies 2
ESG Criteria in Real Estate: Challenges and Opportunities 1
ESG Ratings 0
Exchange Traded Funds - Structures, Mechanics and Investment Applications 2
Exotic Options - Pricing, Hedging and Applications 3
Extreme Value Theory 2
Factor Investing: Concepts, Insights and Applications 2
Fair Value Accounting - IAS 39 and FASB 133 3
Financial Derivatives - Applications Workshop 2
Financial Derivatives - Instruments, Mechanics and Markets 2
Financial Derivatives - Warm Up 1
Financial Engineering - Tools and Applications 2
Financial Instruments and Markets 2
Financial Modelling in Microsoft® Excel® 3
Financial Modelling Workshop - Analysis, Measurement and Valuation 2
Financial Risk Management - Methods, Tools, Principles and Regulation 3
Financial Risk Manager Crash Review Course 3
Financial Technology - Systems and Implementations 1
Financial Time Series - Analysis, Modelling and Applications 2
FinTech: Understanding the Rise of Innovative Financial Startups 2
Fixed Income - Pricing, Trading and Investing 2
Fixed Income Mathematics 2
Foreign Exchange Markets Masterclass 3
FOREX and Money Market Instruments 3
FRAs, Swaps and Interest Rate Options 3
Fraud Risk Management 2
Fund Structuring and Product Development in Asset Management 2
Fundamental Review of the Trading Book 2
Fundamentals of Behavioral Finance 2
Fundamentals of Swaps - Mechanics, Pricing and Applications 3
Funds Transfer Pricing 2
Futures and Options - Markets, Analysis and Applications 3
Futures and Options - Mechanics and Markets 1
Futures and Options - Pricing Workshop 1
Global Asset Allocation and Risk Budgeting 2
Green Bonds: A complete guide to the climate, environmental, social and sustainability bond markets 2
Hedge Accounting under IFRS 2
Hedge Funds for the Advanced Financial Professional 2
High Yield Bonds - Markets, Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk Management 2
IFRS 9 - The New Standard, Classification, Impairment and Implementation Challenges 2
Index Investing - Index Funds, ETF’s, Synthetics and Index Certificates 2
Integrated Financial Risk Management 4
Interest Rate and FX Risk Hedging Workshop 2
Interest Rate Products - Mechanics, Pricing and Applications 2
Interest Rate Risk Hedging Workshop 2
Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book 2
Interest Rate Risk Management 3
Internal Capital Planning - Risk Governance, Capital Policy and Capital Preservation 2
International Bank Ratings - The Rating Agencies’ Methodologies 2
International Capital Markets 3
Investment Analysis in Excel: Risk/Return Calculations and Simulation Methods 2
Investment Management - Asset Allocation, Portfolio Construction and Investment Strategies 3
Investment Management - Asset Allocation, Portfolio Construction and Risk Budgeting 2
Investment Management Workshop 2
Investment Performance Measurement 2
Investment Risk Analytics - Concepts and Applications 2
Investment Strategies for Low-Yield Environment 2
Liquidity Risk Management - LCR, NSFR, Stress Testing and Liquidity Pricing 2
Liquidity Risk Management - Supervisory Requirements and Industry Practice 2
Liquidity Risk Management and Cross Currency Funding Risks with Dr. Robert Fiedler 2
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Finance 0
Managing Derivatives Risk 3
Managing Inflation Risk: Linkers, Derivatives Applications and Portfolio Strategies 2
Market Risk - Measurement, Mitigation and Compliance 3
Measurement of GHG Emissions in Financial Institutions 0
Measuring and Managing Operational Risk 2
Mergers & Acquisitions and Leveraged Buyouts Modelling Workshop 2
MiFID - Executive Overview 1
Model Risk Management - Best Practices 2
Monte Carlo - Methodologies and Applications for Pricing and Risk Management 3
Operational Risk Management 2
Operational Risk Management Masterclass 2
Option Pricing and Risk Analysis - PC Modelling Workshop 2
OTC Derivatives, Collateral Management and EMIR 2
Performance Measurement and Attribution Analysis 3
Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation 3
Portfolio Construction without Optimizers 2
Portfolio Rebalancing and Weighting Strategies 0
Pricing and Using Swaps and Interest Rate Options under the New Market Paradigms 3
Private Banking - Client Relationship Management and Communication Skills 3
Private Banking - Innovative Business Strategies and Operational Model Development 2
Private Equity and Venture Capital 2
Private Wealth Management: Financial Planning, Investment Solutions & Goal Based Investing 2
Project Finance 2
Project Finance Modelling Workshop 2
PSD2 and API Banking: Getting Ready for the Challenge 2
Quantitative Risk Measurement 1: Value-at-Risk, Monte Carlo Simulations and Stress Testing 3
Quantitative Risk Measurement 2: Multivariate Statistics and Extreme Value Modelling 2
Quantitative Risk Measurement: Value-at-Risk, Expected Shortfall, EVT and MC Simulation 3
Real Estate as an Investment Class 0
Real Estate Valuation 2
Recent and Future Trends in the Financial Industry - Institutions, Infrastructure and Regulation 2
Recent Developments in Financial Risk Management 3
Reform of Interest Rate Benchmarks 2
Reputational Risk Management 2
Responsible Investing: How to get it right? 2
Risk Data Governance - Managing Risks through Accurate and Consistent Data 0
Risk Management and Capital Allocation in Financial Institutions 2
Risk-Based Investment Strategies: Smart Beta, Robust Risk Parity and Risk Budgeting 2
Sovereign Bond-backed Securities 0
Sovereign Credit Risk 2
SRI Calculation under PRIIPs 0
Stock Markets and Stock Analysis 3
Stress Testing - Principles, Regulation and Practical Use in Risk Management 2
Stress Testing - Quantitative Techniques, Regulatory Framework and Practical Use in Risk Management 2
Structured and Leveraged Finance 3
Structured Products - Construction, Applications, Risks and Regulation 3
Structured Products - PC Workshop 2
Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation 1
Term Structure Modelling and Interest Rate Option Pricing 3
The Bank Treasury Function - Skills, Tools, Organization and Controls 2
The Basel Framework 3
The Blockchain is Coming to Banking 2
The Energy Workshop - Oil & Gas Markets, Power Trading and Energy Supply Chain 2
The New Principles of Internal Audit in Banks 2
The World of Robo-Advisors: Investing through online automated platforms 0
Trading Book Risk Management: Stressed VaR, Exp. Shortfall, Incremental Risk Charge & CVA 2
Treasury Management 2
Treasury Products - Money and FX Markets, Derivatives and Structured Solutions 3
Trends in Marketing of Financial Services 2
Unsecured Debt Instruments: Subordinated Debt and Senior Non-preferred Bonds 0
Vanilla Options - Mechanics, Analysis and Strategies 2
Volatility and Correlation - Trading and Risk Management 2
Wild Card 0
Yield Curve Construction, Modelling and Applications Workshop 2
Yield Curves - Construction, Modelling and Applications 2
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